Saturday, January 22, 2011


Preaching in el campo

left: Special Pioneer-David Lara
right: the new coordinator-Diego Gerrero
Check out that view.

Hello all,

Yes, we are still alive. Sorry for the delay in the blogs. Kichwa has us completely overwhelmed :-) Not that we are complaining. It really has been an exciting few months since we have been back. I'm not exactly sure what we were thinking when we decided to learn another language. I think we might be too old for this. hehehe. It doesn't seem as easy as the first time. (that is the beauty of the brain, it tries to forget the bad and only remember the good) We are still in the first year, though, and know not to expect too much for now.

The congregation here is doing well. We recently suffered a loss though. The Coordinator of the Cong. received a new assignment in Tambo, about two hours away, in a super small cong of about 11 publishers.(Wow, does he have a lot of preaching to do). That leaves a lot more work here. We have a super zealous group here. Very young, lots of energy. Only one problem. Nobody speaks Kichwa. hehehehe We have one Special Pioneer MS that speaks perfectly. He has been in Kichwa for about 5 years and is a great help for all of us learning. Not to worry though. Everyone else is working super hard at learning and all at different levels, but they always have lots of comments in the meetings, despite the extra work it entails to translate the comments from Spanish.

On another note. We have been enjoying immensly the visit of Mark and Beth's son, Aaron, and his friends, Peneti and Chase, from New Zealand. There hasn't been a dull moment for the last month. It has been no stop action.(3 gringos certainly make the local girls come around).

Next week we have the visit of the Zone Overseer in Guayaquil, and then the following week our first Assembly in Kichwa(I bought a new poncho from CaƱar for the Assembly. The boys say it looks like a Jedi Knight outfit. How cool is that! I'm thinking the young OB1, minus the beard of course). We just bought some more Ibuprofen to help us through the language headache. :-) Sorry again for letting so much time pass. We have been having some good experiences in the ministry, so the next blog we'll include some of those.

We miss everyone.

P.S. Dad and Mom(Doug and Judy), and Mom(Beverly) are coming in March. YIPPEE!!