Friday, April 17, 2009

Mold And I Are No Longer Friends......

Well, as you probably found out through Beth's blog....we have had a CRAZY week!!! Some of you may already know that I have been sick for a month straight. The Doctor had given me two different rounds of antibiotics, and I was still sick! I started to wonder if it had something to do with the mold and mildew in our apartment. Then, we went away to Vilcabamba for 4 days with Doug and Judy and the "Gringo Gang" and while there I felt better. Within 2 hours of arriving back at our apartment I started to get stuffed up and cough....So, Mom Judy and Dad Doug confirmed my suspicions and mentioned that I might be allergic to the apartment. BUMMER! So, I went back to the doctor that week, and he said that I had no choice but to get out of the apartment ASAP!
Anyway, long, sad, story short, we had to leave our cute little apartment, and the Willis family and find a new place. Money being as tight as it is, we decided to become "flatmates" (as they say in New Zealand) with Mark and Beth, as they also were looking for a different place. So, we found a BIG apartment down on the "flat lands"(we all lived on huge hills) and we moved in on Monday! It was all very fast and unexpected, which is why we dropped off the face of the earth for a few days. Our internet was just hooked up yesterday, so we are back in touch with the world! The good news is, we moved in Monday, and Tuesday I felt better! I am pretty much back to normal (well, normal for me anyway!) haha What a circus! But, as always, Jehovah has taken care of us in one way or another!
I hope to post pictures of the apartment in the next few days....
So, that is what is new and different with us! I am also continuing to blog about our trip with Doug and here is the next video segment...Our trip to the Cajas! The Cajas is a National Park about 1 hour from here. It is basically mountain tops and lakes, but it is beautiful! Because of the high altitude (anywhere from 10,000 to 14,000 ft above sea level), you'll notice that the fauna is completely different up there. We had a blast! Enjoy!
Miss you all very much!


Deb n Doug said...

Wow, glad you figured out what the health problem was and hope things continue to go well for you both in your new home. Loved the pictures, Hey did you see any R.O.U.S. in the fire swamp?? We're getting together with Doug and Judy on Sunday so looking forward to hearing their side of the story!!

mominlebanon said...

Dadinlebanon says, "I'll bet you guys were "mostly dead" when you got to the top of that last mountain. Probably a pill from Miracle Max and his wife would have hit the spot. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.

Mr M said...

Hello friends, love your blog. It's so uplifting. Keep up the great work! You probably don't know me, but we have friends in common (Jeff & Meli also Gefry & Emperatriz Ventura).

It just so happens that I was looking to come down to Ecuador and help out in the ministry. But first thing's first: How much will it cost me to be stay there for 2 months? There are so many other questions (your blog does help answer some though) but that is pretty much the biggest concern for me. I know the both of you are very busy but if you can please e-mail me some info (or suggestions) I would greatly appreciate it!

My e-mail is:
My ETA for Ecuador would be in a little over a year. But I have to start planning now! Hope to hear from you soon.

Ivan M