Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Good Week That Ends Badly....

So, I honestly cannot tell you how ripe that the field here is for harvesting right now! Practically everyday we are starting new studies! It has been wonderful! But, we are already exhausted! I remember the first pioneer meeting that we had with our CO here in Ecuador, one of the things he mentioned for the pioneers to work on is having TOO many studies! I remember thinking, "humph, TOO many just isn't possible!" We are now seeing the wisdom of his words...not that we are complaining in any way....but, it gets to point where you are afraid to do territory because you aren't sure where you would fit in another study! hahaha I think as of now I have 14 bible studies, and will inherit a few more from Beth, making it 16-17 studies....Chad has around 18....I never in a million years would have thought that we would have this privilege! Any of you that need some bible studies...come on down! So, the week has been great as far as bible studies!

The reason why the week ends badly is because our beloved "roomies" head out tomorrow for New Zealand. We just don't know what we are going to do without them (even though they hope to be back in 2-3 months)! It has been good that we have been so busy this week, it is less time for me to concentrate on my sadness! But, we wish them a safe trip and are happy they will be able to spend time with their family!

Have a safe trip you two! Sell that house and get back here as soon as possible...We need you here! Just make sure that you don't forget about your Ecuadorian-American kids here! hahaha Just like "Motel 6" (which you probably don't have in NZ...haha)
"We'll Leave The Light On For Ya!"


Michele said...

At least you'll try to leave the light on...unless there is the power outage...hahaha

The Kinlocher's said...

Hi Michelle
Sorry your roomies (or flat mates as we kiwi's call them) have left you now and that all you have is the ticking clock but we will be happy to see them down under.
I hope their plans 'pan out' and that whatever the future holds everyone ends up with a smile on their dial!
On the bright side you can leave a mess in any part of the house and your Mom and Dad won't be there to growl you!
Take care.

Chad and Michele said...

Hi Kinlochers! Thanks for your comment! Although we are sad to give them up for time, we are happy that you guys get to spend time together as a family!
Thanks so much for sharing them with us here in Ecuador!
You have a very special family...

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Thanks guys - just getting over the jetlag and then we will get on to selling the house - never fair - WE WILL BE BACK!
Missing you and missing Chad's "drama" text reading! xxx