Thursday, March 11, 2010

The End of the Dinosaurs....

So on Sunday we went to study with Joanna, Zoila and her husband. To our surprise, not only was he not drunk, but he was surprisingly knowledgeable about the Bible! He has studied with every religion known to man, so you would think that he would be very confused, and granted, he is about a few things (read on...). But, he has figured a few things out on his own just from reading the Bible. For instance, he was saying that one religious group tried to teach him that Jehovah and Jesus are the same person, so he immediately walked out. His reasoning? How could that be? When Jesus was baptized here on Earth, there was a voice that came out of heaven...who would that have been if they were the same? or in Genesis when God says, "Let us make man..." He looks at us and says, "I don't know about you, but when I am about to go do something myself, I don't say, "Let's go me and do that!" It was really funny to hear him use our same reasoning.

But, he did have a little bit of confusion (as I mentioned) and totally stumped us with this one...He mentioned that he thinks that when Satan and his demons were thrown out of heaven it produced a "comet-like explosion" that destroyed the dinosaurs! Ahhhh, he was doing sooo well up until that point! haha
But we had a really good study with him. We could only stay an hour because I had another study up the mountain, and so when we were finishing up he looks at us and says, "Why can't we study 2-3 hours?" We explained that we had another appt. and Chad explained the meetings to him and invited him to come for more learning. We'll see what happens!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my study Jessica, who lives up in the mountains, had her first part in the TMS 2 weeks ago! I gave the talk and she was the householder! She was really nervous, but she did really well! Chad put us up in the front school...nothing like 180 people to make the nerves act up! I was really proud of her! I had given her the part a few days in advance and we practiced it, but I told her to practice on her own. To my surprise, she showed up on Wednesday at the meeting without the notes! I thought, uh oh, this is it! But, she had MEMORIZED everything! She did awesome!

Not too much else new here! The weather has been awesome...a breezy, sunny 75 degrees! I hope it keeps up for the Memorial campaign! I haven't been good about taking pictures lately, I will try to do better so I have some for the next post! But, I do have some pictures for "the cousins"! I wanted to show you how much Fernando enjoyed his gift of Pez candy!!!!! He takes it with him to the meetings and every once and a while just pokes the head out of his suit jacket at us! It reminded me of Jimmy and his Yoda!!!!

He did have a little bit of trouble figuring out how to put the candy into the dispenser!! But, he eventually figured it out with a little help from Chad!

This was the end of an evening of Settlers...he had eaten Pez, licorice, laffy taffy, combos and pretty much any other kind of sugar he could get his hands on!!! Drunk on sugar!!! But, he keeps telling me how nice my family back home is that they sent us so much candy and junk food!
We waited a little while to break out the chocolate licorice. So, one night, I just pulled 2 pieces out of the bag and was sitting there playing the game and eating them. All of a sudden he looks at me with HUGE eyes and says, "WHAT ARE THEY AND WHY ARE THERE ONLY 2 OF THEM!!" We all busted out laughing and pulled out the bag...well, that has been his favorite so far! After eating 2 pieces, he looks at the bag and says, "Where have you been all my life?" Nothing like corrupting the locals with our junk food!! hahaha


Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

Doh! Candy and I am not there!!!!
(just as well I can have pinapple lumps whenever I like while we are here)
Missing you guys and settlers!

Deb n Doug said...

What Cool Experiences! I had some good studies this week but I think you win "Best Experience of the Week" award. Thanks for sharing your joys and pictures! (what I want to know is, do you share Hartley's with the locals??)