Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey guys! I thought I better keep going now that I started or who knows when I will post again! Thanks so much for all the comments! I have missed hearing from you all!

Some of our past studies have been worked over by Satan...The study Chad started while "taking care of business" has started working a lot of overtime, so now has no time to study. The "dinosaur" man and his family ended up getting evicted from their house for whatever reason, and have moved about an hour away. boo hoo But they still want to study, so I am working on hooking them up with brothers and sisters near them. We shall see!

Norma, the woman who came to the meeting all by herself, has continued studying and is doing SOOO well! I was able to arrange my schedule on Sunday's to fit her in...and boy am I glad I did! She ALWAYS studies thorougly...not only for her study, but for the meetings (which by the way, she has pretty much been coming to every one of them!)

She even went to the Spec. Ass. Day all by herself! She had to work on Sat. when we had ours, so she went on Sunday. She said that she was sitting there, eating lunch all by herself and trying not to feel sorry for herself, when suddenly a sister came up to her and asked her to eat with their family! YAH! Only in Jehovah's she spent the lunch hour with the family...they shared their food with her and gave her a lot of encouragement! (That is a good reminder for me to keep my eyes open at assemblies for those who seem to be eating alone!) I would love to meet the family to thank them someday!

At the end of every study she has me tell her all of the assignments for the following Wed. highlights, student talks, anything she needs to study, and then she makes sure to prepare for it! Her work schedule hadn't been allowing her to come on Wed. night, but she decided that Jehovah is more important than work and so she made the necessary changes. She is pretty much there every Wed. now, too!

This past Saturday Chad gave a talk in is about an hour and 45 minutes from here. They have a very small cong.--9 pubs! No brothers! There is another cong. that has been helping them out, so there are always brothers to conduct the meetings, but I was looking on the information board and they had a list of charge of literature...a sister! in charge of magazines...a sister! in charge of accounts...a sister! If we hadn't already committed to Quichua, I would have been thinking seriously of going there! (not so I could be in that Chad could help!) They have had a reg. attendance of there is growth! Anyone interested? Come on down!!!!!!

Thanks again for your comments and emails...we love hearing from you all!


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

I would so be there..... but my hands are kinda tied right now.

Aggidio - JoAnn said...

Awesome about your study preparing so well and going to the meetings and assembly! But maybe next time you could abbreviate 'assembly' differently - when I read that it made the immature side of me giggle. :)

Miss you guys!!!

candia said...

All I can say is , Wow!!
That's wonderful about your student that is preparing and even putting Jehovah first. It's amazing how Jehovah can move his people to give others what they need, like the family that took her under their wing. He blessed her effort. I want to try to keep that in mind now ,also, at assemblies. I'm glad you shared that!

The Haines Family said...

You guys are going to do awesome with the new language! It's absolutely the right decision, you are saying yes to Jehovahs invitation.
We are really happy and excited for you :)
Do ya think you could download your Spanish into my brain before you switch over, please, please, please?