Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goin' Home

Matt and Jen informed me that I too am permitted to blog. I didn't know. (If you feel that a mistake has been made and would prefer that I not blog, please comment as such:-) Michele has been working a lot harder than me, and I think several are going through blog withdrawal. So here it goes(watch for for grammar and misspelling). ha-ha One week from today we will will be flying home. We really miss the brothers and sisters there and are super excited to get into a routine and sleep in our own bed, albeit in a new house. Most of you probably noticed on Beth's blog that they moved to a new house. And since we are pretty much joined at the hips voluntarily, that means a new bigger and better house for us(that's an assumption, technically we have not seen the house, but we trust Beth and Mark's preferences). There is something to be said for having roommates who do all the work to move all the big stuff for you while you are away. We will try to post some pictures, maybe, once we get back. I won't make promises, it makes the natives restless when it doesn't happen. The good thing is, we return to busyness right away, which is good, because we won't have time to think of how sad we are not to be with our friends and family here in the states. This last week here will be lots of running around, last minute purchases for that stuff we just can't get south of the equator. The brothers and sisters here in the states have treated us very well, we feel sad to go. Once we get back, we have to get started, finally, dedicating time to learning Kichwa and make up for the field service time we missed while we were in the States. ;-) I am sure Michele will get back to blogging once things calm down a bit for her. If things never calm down, maybe you will hear from me again. Next blog, I'm sure, will be from Ecuador.
How does Michele end these things?
I feel like there should be a pithy remark or something.


Aaron said...

hha - nice blog. See you in december

Damaris said...

Chad I really wish you would just do your part and get to work already! ahah!!! JK of course :) Good to hear from you. See ya when you get here.

Michele said...

I'm glad to see you are blogging. miss you guys already...see you at the Beach next year...maybe???? :(

Jamner said...

well said . . .
looking forward to future installme..(strike that:) injections of the drug; "Chad & Michele"
take care, James

Deb n Doug said...

Chad, you are toooo cute!! I know only your mom or Auntie can get away with that. Yes, Michele does blog better but we love hearing from you too! We enjoyed so much our brief visit with you guys last week. We are very proud of you both and know that Jehovah will bless your efforts in your new language. Have a safe trip back home. Love ya both

Matt and Jen from JS said...

Good job, the pithiness was at an appropriate level. Enjoy Ecuador and all their much quieter, less rage-filled babies!

Matt and Jen

SkipandRobyn said...

Hi guys!!
We are very sad that we missed your trip to the states. We're down here enjoying WV- and we think of you two often!
Keep up the good work.
S and R