Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Quarterly Post hehehehe ;-)

It's that time again folks.  Yep, that is right.  We are still alive and kick'n.  Matt B. informed us that it is time for our quarterly blog.  Did three months go by already?  Imaginate! No me digas!  All on our watches are stuck on Ecuador time.  We can't tell if it has been a day, a month or a year.(shh!! don't tell anyone that there is absolutely no difference in the time between there and here)
We have been enjoying our time back here in the states.  It is incredible to be able to comment in the meetings without an hour of preparation for one comment.  I gave a talk in English last week.  Wow, was that a relief.  I actually gave a talk I didn't have to read from a manuscript.  We have been super busy studying our kichwa, making sure that when we go back, we will be fluent.(not!)(not studying, not going to be fluent) hehe
Seriously though, we really miss everyone in Ecuador.  We love seeing everyone here, but we are ready to go back.  There are only a handful of people we still want to see here before we are ready.  Currently we are staying with Michele's Mom and Dad.  They have been great to us and very helpful. (There was a case of Lancaster Brewing Company variety pack, Cracker barrel cheese, etc. here waiting for us, that is what I mean by "they have been great to us" :-)  No doubt, my Mom and Dad are a little jealous that we are spending more time here, but we have been going up there a least one a month for a couple days (they also have been taking very good care of us.  banana cake, Yuengling, etc.)
Due to the crazy work schedule, we had to split up the District Convention in three parts.  We went to my Mom and Dad's Saturday.  That was great, we got to see lots of old friends(I didn't remember them being so old, but then again, the mirrors here have been altering my reflection, too) and family.  We spent the evening on Friday with Phil and Trish and some friends, so that was a treat.  We went to Alan and Bev's Friday of the convention.  And we are going to the Sunday of the Spanish this weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing lots of hermanos y hermanas from our old spanish circuit.
Apparently, we forgot our camera at the convention.  So here are a few unrelated pictures of some our our friends.
You know this guy, right?

Aggidio, Phil and I/could be Matt, James and I(I can't make out the other two, but boy am I good-looking.

I just love our friends!!

We also spent day on Monday building a deck for Mom and Dad.  
Please note that there were lots of Indians and not enough chiefs.
 These are the only pictures I could find with James Lamey standing around.(He is so lazy)

 It is a little more apparent who the chief is here.

Without the chief, ???????????????
Please notice the key placement of the lumber to cover my newly acquired belly. hehe

Michele make friends everywhere.
Finished product, hehehe


Deb n Doug said...

Yes, some of us still check your blog every once in a while. So what a nice surprise this morning! Glad you're enjoying your time back and looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!

Jamner said...

I also check your blog regularly. The lumber was also hiding my long term energy storage program. The steps turned out well; glad to have been able to help out. Take Care. James Tanner

Damaris said...

Waaahh! I'm back in EC but you guys aren't :( It's just not the same. I spent some time at your crazy house the other day and it just wasn't nearly as crazy...see ya soon and have fun with all the fam and friends!

Judy A said...

It never registered that Michele was taking pictures of the deck Project. Thanks for posting some. Love the long term energy storage program James. I'm going to borrow that one.

Just Me said...

I didn't even know you guys were back in the states. When do you head back to Ecuador - i really should keep better in touch with you. Love ya.

Joey Dutton said...

Urgent! (: My name is Joey, and my father and I are currently looking to move to another country to become "Need Greaters". I saw this Blog and have been following and reading for the past week or so. I would LOVE for some of you to email me. I have some questions for you, anyone who can help is welcomed to email me. I would be so so so grateful. Email:
Please e-mail!! (:

[: sarah :] said...

So, u guys don't know me, hopefully I'll get to meet you someday! But I just wanted to say that reading blogs like yours really encourage me to be a need greater, cuz that's wut I wanna do in a few years (I'm only 17 now) so thank you for posting your trip so I can kinda see wut it might be like! Much love, sarah