Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dreaded Friday Service Group!!!!

Well, not all of it is horrible...we enjoy being with the brothers and sisters. But, it is the most exhausting of our days in service. Each day of the week the meeting for service is at a different families house. This is because hardly anyone has a car, so once we get to the meeting for service, we then will work the territories around that area so as not to kill ourselves. This particular family lives up the mountain, so it takes us about 30 minutes of climbing just to get to the meeting for service...and then from there, guess what type of territory we work?
Yep, you guessed it...MOUNTAINS!!
But, it has proved to be one of the most exciting territories for really makes you FEEL like you are serving in a foreign country!
So, I added a short video segment of some of the excitement of the day....the music is some of the traditional music from Ecuador...let us know what you think...I think it reminds me of Polka!

Oh, by the way, we do have a phone number here that we can be reached at: (570) 245-6849. It is a PA number, so you shouldn't have to pay very much, and it comes here to our computer in Ecuador via Skype! (or you can just Skype us like before: pacman.78) Hope to hear from you!


Mark and Beth said...

That is one cool video - except for the part showing the old gringa lady coming down the hill - thanks alot guys!

Chad and Michele said...

I knew that would be your favorite part Beth! haha

mominlebanon said...

That was really cool! The video helps us back home "feel" what your day is like. Tell Beth that I was really impressed with her willingness and her agility...seriously!

Sara said...

very very cool :) that's an incredible view. think of all the wonderful exercise you both r getting! People in the states actually PAY for that kinda stuff!!! haha

Tyese said...

What hikers you guys are! haha. That's great I want to do service like in that video. my favorite was the last sister who didn't need help.

The Cooks in Mifflin said...

Great video. As far as the music. I was expecting to see "Nacho Andrews" coming down the mountain wearing his white zapatos.