Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Until Next Week!

Well, the last 2 days have just been plain depressing due to the viewing and the funeral for little Joanna. But, we are leaving for a short trip tomorrow morning until Sunday evening. Just because we are in Ecuador doesn't mean we can't have Thanksgiving vacation, right? haha

Since this might be our last trip here to Ecuador for a while, we wanted to see some of the other cities. We are actually going to Quito, the capital of Ecuador for some sightseeing and then will take the bus to Otovalo, which has the highest concentration of indigenous people here in Ecuador, so we hope to have lots of cool pictures, videos and stories to share with you when we get back!
Until next time....behave yourselves and miss you lots!


Michele said...

Have a great time!!! You deserve it!!

Heath said...

this is from your big brother. this is my first time ever on any blog! (so this is what it's like, huh) anyway,just wanted to say i love u guys and will look forward to future blogs.have fun,stay out of trouble and ttyl.

Rosa said...

Wow, sound so exciting, just be careful of older women carrying sticks..lol..have fun!!!!