Saturday, December 20, 2008

We're Still Alive!

Hello! How are you doing? Sorry we haven't blogged in a while. We had our CO visit last week which kept us very busy. It was an encouraging visit, as always. Their names are Peter and Elizabeth (Pedro y Isabel) Johnston (? not sure about the spelling). He is Canadian, but his parents moved here to serve where the need was greater when he was 1 year old. So, although, technically he isn't Ecuadorian, you can't tell from his accent. He has practically lived here his whole life! She is Ecuadorian, but also lived in the USA for a few years, so speaks fluent English. They are really sweet. They were special pioneers here after they got married, and they have so many interesting experiences. They have been in the Circuit work for 20 years here.

We really admire them because the circuit work here is even more challenging than in the US! (In my opinion!) The brothers and sisters, of course, are much more poor, so some of the houses that they stay in are very interesting. She was saying that they went to Canada last month for some medical check-ups and she thought she better go see a doctor about her allergies. So, he did all the tests and found out that she was allergic to dust mites! He asked her if she had any cats or dogs. So, she just looked at him with a grin on her face and said...."WE don't have any pets, but the familes we stay with every week have cats, dogs, chickens and guinea pigs in the house!" Of course he had to ask her about that and she got to witness to him. He was so impressed with what they do that he gave her about 2 years worth of sample medicine for her allergies!

There is also a problem here with "bed bugs" as a general term....I am not really sure what they are....they are similar to fleas I guess. I guess we pick them up in the rurals, they come home with us, somehow get in our bed and then bite during the night! I have had a huge problem with them here, they have not even touched Chad. (I guess now we know who is sweeter! or dirtier?) haha Anyway, we have to sprinkle flea killer on the mattress, or Eucalyptus leaves, or whatever. How annoying! Well, the CO's wife, of course, has to deal with all sorts of things like this. Usually the critters are already in the mattress when they get there! So, she very discreetly brings a plastic mattress cover and plastic covers for her pillows and puts them on the bed when they arrive. There are just so many things that we take for granted in the US! How I miss my bug-free mattress!!!! haha But, anyway, they will tell you these stories if you ask, but they are very positive, non-complaining people and we really enjoyed being around their positive attitude and hearing all of the blessings that they have received from their life of full-time service to Jehovah.

Last year they had a really difficult year. If I got this correctly I think he was teaching a Pio. School or something and just went blind! It turns out that he had a huge tumor in his brain that caused him to lose his sight. So, because he is a citizen of Canada and can get his medical bills paid for there, they went and stayed at the Canadian Branch for quite a few months while he was being treated for this VERY serious condition. The whole time he was waiting for his surgery up there, he couldn't see. How discouraging! But, he did eventually have the surgery, and although very dangerous, it worked and he regained his eyesight. And the tumor was not cancerous as was previously thought! As you can imagine, it was such a challenge for them in a foreign country, away from their friends, and dealing with that. But, the brothers in Canada were wonderful and they finally were able to return to Ecuador. Despite all of the challenges, they continue to faithfully serve in their assignment as CO.
As you can see it was a very encouraging week!

We have a few videos from our little trip that we have been trying to put on the blog for the past few days, but we are having some trouble. I don't know if it is the internet, or the blogsite, or what....we will keep trying!

Things are going well here, we have had about 1 month straight with hardly any rain, so we have been getting a lot of service time in! They say the rain should start up again in January! Boo hoo...But, I guess we shouldn't complain, I hear you guys are having quite the winter so far! I am soooo sad that I am missing all the snow and ice! I love it!

Thanks for your patience with this blogging thing....I hope to have the videos uploaded for you in the next few days, then you don't have to read my rambling messages! haha
Miss you guys!

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Deb n Doug said...

Ya know, we love your rambling! I did miss your blog but glad you've had such a good week. Enjoy that sunshine. We're expecting another storm to come in tonight, more snow and ice. Cory is freezing and has caught a cold. He'll be glad to get back to his warm climate. Take care!!