Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chad Dion?????

So, last night after the meeting we were invited to go grab a bite to eat with a few other families in the cong. We went to a restaurant that is owned by a sister in the hall and her husband who is studying. The food, is OUT OF THIS WORLD, sorry I forgot to take a picture.

We are just sitting there at the table chatting, and Chad and I were thinking about leaving because it was late when suddenly the large TV screen turns on and the lights dim....Karaoke!!!

My worst nightmare! Fortunately the majority of songs were older spanish songs we didn't know, so we had an excuse not to sing....or so we thought!

All of a sudden they hand Chad the microphone and start shouting...¨This next one is in English! You can sing this one!¨ So, Chad grabs the mic and looks at the his horror the song was ¨The Power of Love¨by Celine Dion-----Can you think of a singer that hits higher notes? Oh my did we laugh....especially when poor Chad is singing ¨..cause I'm your lady....and you are my man..¨ He was such a good sport and just went with it! Never a dull moment! They of course, had no idea what he was saying, but we sure did get a laugh out of it!

It was a really fun night, but I don't think that song will ever be the same for me! (or poor Chad)!

Chad´s Big Debut!!!


Gringitos said...

Oh how sad we missed that - Chad singing that song is something I would have liked to see and hear. Why does all the good stuff happen when I'm sick?

Sara said...

hmm... now that would have been something to see!!! :)

Dustin said...

Chad, I could have been your back up singer with ed. I remember those days......