Saturday, February 7, 2009

We´re Officially Kiwi-less....

No, not the bird, the Kiwi, and not the fruit, either....Our New Zealand friends, Mark and Beth, otherwise known as the Kiwis, have gone back home for a visit for 6 weeks...Boo hoo....

They have been an excellent example for us all here in Ecuador in the 10 months that they have served here. Always smiling, they are always up to whatever challenge comes their way! (And believe me, moving to a foreign country and not knowing the language certainly can present some challenges!) Their zeal for the ministry and love for the congregation has been a real source of encouragement.
Thanks you two...enjoy your time with your family, but come back soon!
We love you both! Say hello to your family and friends for us!

PS Hey Beth, aren't you glad you taught me how to blog? haha



Rebecca McCleskey said...

They are a great example and are missed by us. So happy they will be back in 6 weeks.

Gringitos said...

and we are officially american accentless! We miss everyone already and Chad you were right - as soon as we realized nothing is changed here we would want to be on the next plane back -so true! It has sure made us appreciate the experience we have in Cuenca.
Thanks for the awesome send off video! xxx you guys