Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Jorge Monje....

Hello are you all doing? We are doing well. This past weekend we had our circuit pioneer meeting and our Circuit Assembly! It was wonderful! What a wonderful program! Each year just gets better and better.

We continue to be flying high on bible studies...getting into a routine! The past week I was a little under the weather with a killer sore throat and a cold, so haven't been out as much! But I got to start my first day back out in service with my favorite day of the week....Sunday! Just one great bible student after another....from 8am until 4pm and then I float home! Remember the bible study I started "by accident" and just directly offered the study? She was home today, we had a really nice visit...then a few minutes into it her mom comes outside...I was thinking, "oh, great, here it goes...", but she just sat there and listened. I decided to explain the bible study program to her, she readily accepted and went right inside and got out her Bible! WOW! Good first day back out!

I wanted to introduce you all to Jorge Monje. He is a pioneer here in our congregation and a wonderful example! He is 25 years old and just came back from the USA a few months ago. He went to the USA when he was 15 yrs. old in search of the "dream". He found the truth while there, and got baptized last year! He has SUCH a spiritual appreciation!

Because of not having legal papers to be in the USA, he could not have privileges in the congregation there. His goals were to be a pioneer and MS. So, even though his mom still lives in the USA, he made the ULTIMATE sacrifice and decided to come back to Ecuador to progress spiritually...and boy are we glad that he did! He is sooo zealous! He works 4-5 days a week and still puts in over 100 hours in service a month! He has accomplished his goal of being a reg. pio. and is super happy about it!

We feel that Jehovah really guided him to come back to his home country. Why? Well, he lives up in the "mountain area" of the territory (Cochepamba) is quite a walk from the end of the bus line. Anyway, the people up in that area, while definitely improving, have been pretty opposed as they are VERY catholic! There have even been some attempted "stonings" and "whippings" of the brothers and sisters up there in the past! Anyway...that is where he lives. He has a lot of family and acquaintances up there and he leaves no stone unturned! He preaches to EVERYONE! And he is having HUGE success! He currently has 18 bible studies, the great majority of which are up there near his house! At any given meeting there are 5-10 people that attend with him! Some of the people that are studying, we know for a fact never listened to us before when we knocked on their door!

He has been such a good influence here in the congregation and also, has opened a HUGE door of activity in the "mountains"! What a good example of self-sacrifice, having left his "former life" in the USA to come back here and serve Jehovah more fully! We treasure his friendship and wanted you all to meet him, too!

P.S. We wanted to say hello to Cathy Schnerr and to the Sukilanda family who both recently viewed the blog and wrote comments! Thanks for reading and for the words of encouragement!


Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Miss you guys! Sorry you have been sick Michele - hope all is good now!
xxx to you and Chad

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what a cool experience!