Saturday, December 26, 2009


I did indeed stop today to start the study with young girl and her newly interested mother, and although the mom cried for quite a while (she has a lot of problems) we were able to share some comfort with her and start the chapter on "Why Does God Permit Suffering?"...she seemed to feel better after the study and even had a smile on her face. She told us she DEFINITELY wants to continue her study and asked us to PLEASE come back next week. Goody!

Guess who enrolled in the TMS tonight at the meeting? Jessica, the young girl that I study with in the mountains! I have never had the privilege of sitting with a bible student as they enroll in the school....I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face! She was soo cute! It was funny that Chad was the brother asking the questions (for me anyway!) She seemed glad it was Chad since she knows him well!

Well, I have an early start tomorrow, it is my FAVORITE preaching day...Sunday! So, I better get to bed, but hope things are going well. I am sooo jealous of your snow! I hope some of you have been sledding for me! Miss you all!

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Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hey - it's not snowing here either and is pretty darn hot. I was so desperate for car witnessing but have decided I like walking in the mountains more and getting sore feet! In the heat - car witnessing is draining!
Good update Michele - say congrats to Jessica for me!!
Love to all