Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Sadness!

As our Uncle Andy says, "Great Sadness!"

Do you have any idea why Chad is so sad (and bored)? I walked into our spare room today and discovered Chad sitting there just like this staring in to space....

Our computer completely died this morning...Chad took it into town to the computer shops and they said that his "motherboard" is completely shot. So, we are not sure what will happen. But, for now, don't plan on such frequent blogs or emails. We don't have any computer. BUMMER!

Try not to be tooo devastated or go into Chad and Michele withdrawl! haha
Hope things are going well and the weather has calmed down a little bit for you all!

1 comment:

scott and annette said...

Are you sitting on two chairs? Why didn't you sit on top of all those chairs in the corner?
Probably from there you get a new view of everything.

Sorry to hear about your computer.