Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Gringo Minga!

Any type of "work day" is called a "Minga" here. Doug and Mark go one day every week to the assembly hall to help with projects. Since the assembly season is fast approaching, there are quite a few projects that they still need to finish up and are running out of time to get done. So, they invited us to the assembly hall last Saturday for a "Minga" to help with some sanding and painting. It was a very enjoyable day and a privilege to be able to help!

Just thought you might like to see the assembly hall... it is quite different from the ones back home! Especially with the metal roof. Last Circuit Assembly, during the CO's talk, it was raining so hard that no one could hear him, so he had to stop for 5 minutes on the stage just to wait for the rain to die down. Definitely a new experience! The other interesting thing they do here is after the assembly they begin to sweep the floor with a thousand brooms. To keep the dust down, they first spread kerosene and sawdust on the floor and then you sweep that up while you are sweeping the rest of the floor...It works, but it seems to add more work to the sweeping!

Hope you all are doing well! Miss you lots!


Gringitos said...

Hey - I would like to say that I was there too even if you didn't show my face!

Deb n Doug said...

How lovely! Looks like a fun day.