Monday, January 12, 2009

What A Treat!

I know this might not seem like such a huge thing to you all, but here in Ecuador, turkey and ham are not readily found, and if they are, you will pay thru the nose for them. So, we have been craving them (especially since my grandma back in PA just had her fabulous turkey and ham dinner and we missed it).
Out of the goodness of their hearts, Mark and Becky (other needgreaters here in Cuenca) decided to share their turkey with us that Mark received from work. It was a HUGE bird...and it was all we dreamed of and more. She made a fabulous dressing (stuffing), others made mashed potatoes, fruit salad, green salad, green beans, ham, pumpkin pie...all the typical fixins...(plus our New Zealand friends shared a special dessert from their was awesome!)and boy did we PIG out!
It's the little things sometimes that help with the homesickness. This time of year both of our families get together for food and games, and we were both feeling a little sad about missing them. So, this gathering, with our "other" family here in Cuenca, really was nice...


Gringitos said...

I'd sure be there - that turkey was the best I had ever had - oh that's right it was the only turkey I had ever had!
Great Video Michele

Rebecca McCleskey said...

I think we can arrange something. So glad you're thinking of "next year." We're happy that everyone enjoyed it.