Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day of Reckoning....

Yes, we are indeed still alive...BARELY! hahaha We now officially have one week under our belt and only 5 more to go! All in all it was a good week, we all had our good moments and bad. It has been really nice getting to know all the brothers and sisters that come to work. Beth and I continue to work from 6am until 6:30pm, so as a result, there have been a few moments of COMPLETE exhaustion where I just wanted to cry (oh, wait, I think I did that today!) I came running home to clean up a few things since the CO and his wife come today to stay with us for 2 weeks and I was washing dishes. Anyway, I broke a glass, didn't hurt myself, but I started crying! Chad immediately recognized the need for a nap and made me go to bed for a little while. After that everything was just fine! Just a small meltdown! hahahahaha

Chad managed to step on a nail Day 2 of the remodel...an INCREDIBLY rusty nail I might add for which he had to go get a tetanus shot and has been gimping around ever since! He should be back in action tomorrow! Mark came home today with a high fever and body aches and has been in bed all day. As I mentioned before, I had a small nervous breakdown this am for a few minutes, and Beth suffered the whole day with an intense headache...are we falling apart or what? hahahaha

Actually, I think the exhaustion just caught up with us all today, but we have really been enjoying ourselves. What a privilege to be with the construction group. They are an extension of the bethel family, so they start everyday with a text discussion, then they eat breakfast, then the read the yearbook for 10 minutes. They are very sweet! We truly are looking forward to getting to know them better!

Well, I took a few photos to share with you all, so I am going to post them and then go to bed!!!
I am officially OLD and go to bed early! hahahahah

We miss you all, and don't worry about us, although it seems like we are in sorry shape, we are doing fine and enjoying ourselves!!!

I'm glad to see that the "Gringo's" aren't the only ones starting to feel tired!!

"The Kitchen Crusaders"
(the sister next to me is the one the branch sent to help us for 2 weeks)

The current state of our KH! It should be done any day now! hahahaha

Chad...trapped! (pre-hole in the foot)

We had our Special Assembly Day on Sunday, and Chad, of course had a slight limp in his walk due to the fact that he has a 1 inch hole in his foot. Anyway, I see this brother also limping around. So, I jokingly ask Chad, "What happened to him?" And Chad replies with a grin..."He stepped on a nail at the remodel!" So after laughing uncontrollably about the irony of the whole situation...I decided to take a picture of the first 2 members of the "Hole in your foot" gang!

This is Chad's hand after the first day of the remodel. Can you tell that after all those years of a nail gun and cordless drill, the good old-fashioned "hammer and nail" was causing him a bit of difficulty!!!! I jokingly told the brother in charge today that he was slowly killing all the "gringos"!
As our friend Doug says, "The motto here is kill a gringo, save an Ecuadorian!"

Just a lovely photo of one of the "whole" chickens that we get and have to cut up into little pieces for the food!! Doesn't he look peaceful? hahaha


Sara aka Jasmine said...

You poor little souls! haha. I feel so bad for you gringos. I know though that jehovah will bless your efforts and the hard work you do for him. I know you will all find the strength to get through..man i wish i was there to help. Miss you all so much. Keep up the good work. Stay alive!!

Mom Judy said...

Jehovah gives to the tired one power. Chad could use some wings of eagles to save his foot. You will all look back on this as one of the best times in Exuador. Hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT.

Deb n Doug said...

Enjoying the updates and pictures (well accept the chicken picture) Keep working hard and smiling. Hope everyone in the house is feeling better!