Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Around the world in 7 weeks....

Ok, so it really wasn't around the WORLD, but we sure feel like it! We spent a whirlwind 7 weeks in the USA visiting with family and friends and working a little bit! We sure enjoyed seeing everyone and had lots of fun, but we are ready to be back to our regular routine again! We arrived at our apartment in Cuenca today at 2pm and were greeted by a "Welcome Home" party. The Ochoa family and Mark and Beth had been cooking all morning, and even had a sign with balloons! We truly do have family everywhere we go!
The flight was long, but we didn't have any problems. Tomorrow we will be unpacking and running errands and then Friday we get back into the service schedule! YEAHHHH! We really haven't done very well service time wise, so we have a lot of catching up to do!
Thank you sooooo much to everyone back home in PA (and NY) that made our visit so enjoyable! The cards, the hugs, the encouraging words, the meals, the hospitality, the shopping trips (that's for you Missy and Dolores), and the extreme generosity of everyone...we can't thank you all enough for treating us like such royalty! It made it even harder to leave...I shed more than a few tears!
I have been horrible at blogging lately, (I know), but I will try to be better and keep you all updated as to what is going on here in good 'ole Cuenca!
We send you all our love and hugs, and again, thank you all for your kindnesses and for being such wonderful friends and family!
OK, I better go before this gets any sappier(?) (is that really a word?) hahahaha


Deb n Doug said...

Warm and sunny greetings from the DR. Glad you had a safe trip.. and the adventure continues.......d

Michele said...

I just logged on to leave you a message to get blogging and surprise surprise you beat me to it. Glad to hear you got there safely and so happy I got to actually see you twice while you were home. I hope you can now relax because I heard your last few weeks in PA were very busy...but exciting since your download was still BIG!!!!