Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet the New "Ladies of Catan"!

The FORMER "lords of Catan" bow their heads in submission!

So, many of you will have no idea what we are talking about, but to those who are "Settlers of Catan" must now subject yourselves to the ruling "Ladies of Catan"!
Believe it or not, Chad has found a fellow "settler" here in Cuenca. AJ and Jordanne are serving here from Ohio, and he even has his OWN game! So, they graciously invited us over for a night of "Snacks and Settlers"!
Rachel Willis won the first game and then the Willis family had to leave to meet some guests at their house, leaving only AJ and Chad to play, so they "guilt-tripped" me into playing with them... I know, I know, I supposedly DISLIKE the game....But, the final game of the night my self-sacrificing spirit paid off, when I was declared "Lady of Catan"! I think I am actually starting to like the game! Dad, I know your mouth is hanging open right now! hahaha
Thanks again A.J., Jordanne and Damaris for your hospitality, we had a blast!...
.....and to all of my gracious subjects, I bid you all a good night!

The whole group!

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kambelina said...

well, welcome back (can I say that if I'm not there) to Ecuador!!!! I am so happy that you are back down there and climbing those mountains. hehe, I better be nice, it will be my turn soon.