Friday, October 30, 2009

The Hills Are Alive!

Hello all! This morning was my first official day in the ministry here, and I just HAD to choose to start with a "mountain day"! haha And it certainly did not disappoint. I like to call these type of mornings my "Sound of Music" mornings, because all I keep hearing in my head is..."climb every mountain, ford every stream..."!!! It is amazing how out of shape you get in just 7 weeks, I was certainly tired by 12:00pm! But, it was wonderful! I placed 3 sets of magazines, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and sun! It has been quite warm here, (for those of you who know me well, it has almost been a little too warm!) But the warmth and lack of rain means no mud, so there is a positive side to things! I am certainly enjoying the lack of rain, which we seemed to have plenty of in the USA!
We have been enjoying seeing the brothers and sisters again, we really did miss them all!
We had left Chad's laptop here in Ecuador, and when we got back on Wednesday, it was not working. (yes his new computer that he just bought a few months ago!) After hours on the phone they determined that it needs a new hard drive. He is NOT happy about it! Supposedly a technician is supposed to be coming to the house today to replace it, but we are not holding our breath. The only negative is that Chad basically has to stay here the whole day waiting for he is currently cooking up a storm in the kitchen and I am heading back out in service!
Hope things are going well up North! Love you guys!

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Sara aka Jasmine said...

Michele! I sure did miss your blogs..haha. Im happy to be reading up on whats been going on there. Glad you are back with your second family. And i dont really think chad is meant to have a laptop..they just dont seem to get along very well :)
Take Care!