Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey! Just wanted to let everyone know that Kami and Sara made it here safely yesterday...but, funny story happened (well it is funny now after the fact!) They decided to save money and take the bus here from Guayaquil. So, we concocted this "master plan" Because at about 3 1/2 hours into the trip the bus gets to the road we live on. It then goes 40 minutes to the left to the bus station, but we live about 10 minutes to the right. So, Chad and I always just ask to be dropped off there and take a taxi home to save the extra hour trip. (am I rambling?haha) I gave Kami EXPLICIT instructions, which bus line to take, what time it leaves, and how to explain where to get dropped off and that I would be waiting there on the corner for her! We got there early, in case the bus turned into "the crazy train" and arrived early, too!

Finally we see the bus coming barreling down the mountain. We are excitedly getting out of the car to meet them when...the bus just blasts right past us! Now what? We weren't sure if they were on the bus and forgot to get off, or if they weren't even on the bus! We opted for the decision to follow the bus to the bus station (which by the way is nearly impossible, we never did catch up to it until we actually got to the bus station!) We go inside and go to the bus--empty. We look for the bus driver (thinking we could describe the girls and ask if they were on the bus)--no where in sight. Dejectedly, we decide to sit down facing the arrival area in case they were coming in the next bus...10 min...20 min...30 min...45 min...1 hour....still no girls.

It had been sort of funny up to this point, but now I am panicking. Did they even get to the hotel last night in Guayaquil? Did they not find the right bus? Did they get on the bus after this one, got off at the corner of our road and are now just sitting there on the corner panicking?.....Just then my phone's Kami! She and Sara were on that bus, but the bus driver decided to be mean and not stop to drop them off! So, they also had been waiting in the bus station for an hour, right on the other side of the huge waiting room we were in! We were about 300ft from each other the whole time!!! Now you know why I said that the story is funny NOW.

The reason it is gringomania, is because the family from Canada (The Haines) that are in our congregation also have visitors. Brian's mom and dad, and Dina's mom are here visiting also! Very exciting! The congregation is just buzzing with excitement!

I had planned to take pictures yesterday of Kami and Sara getting off the bus and such...but with all the chaos and confusion, I forgot all about my camera...but don't worry, I'll make up for it!

Oh, by the way, Chad made it safely to USA and is enjoying the food and visiting (not so much enjoying the cold and snow!)

Well, better go, we are heading out in service, and since Chad isn't here to make the eggs......

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Aggidio - JoAnn said...

I thought maybe Kami had tripped getting off the bus and was still laying on the street somewhere laughing. Love you Kami! :)