Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Thousand Apologies....

Hello my friends...sooooo sorry that I have been a complete slacker lately as far as blogging. I will try and do better! This blog will be pretty lame, since I only have a few minutes this morning, but just to catch you all up to speed on life here in Cuenca!

The ministry continues to be a source of complete and unending joy for us. The people here are really starving for the truth and are such a humble people. The congregation is booming with an average attendance of 180-200 each meeting!

The real news is that right now Chad is on a plane back to the USA for 3 weeks. Why? Well, we have been searching for any type of work that Chad could do from here in Ecuador, but still earn from the USA since our visa here does not permit us to work here. Since our money tank is practically on "E" the search has become even more desperate as we really would like to stay here. So, Chad decided that he will try to sell satellite dishes for "Dish Network" as you already know that he worked for them in the USA. The problem is, he obviously needs someone in the USA to install them for him. Surprisingly, he found a brother in the Hazleton area that previously worked for Direct TV and is out of work, and he is very happy to install for Chad. That meant that Chad has to train him for Dish Network standards. So, long story short...he is on his way back right now. We are VERY hopeful that he can earn enough to pay our monthly expenses here.

So, yes, I am alone in a foreign country. Well, techinically alone, but there are a few families here that are looking after me (almost too much!) And then for those of you who know Kami Wake...she is coming on Thursday with her friend Sara. Sara will be here until the end of the month, and Kami for 2 1/2 months. So, I will not be alone at all.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive. I hope to post better, more interesting blogs in the near future! Especially about "the cousins"! We had an absolute blast with them, and miss them here. As I mentioned before, we have been in a drought here. Well, they brought the rain with them, as it rained almost every day while they were here. And, as you may have guessed, it hasn't rained since they left!!! So, a few brothers and sisters have asked if they could please come back and bring the rain with them! hahaha

We miss you all! Some of you will probably see Chad in the next few weeks floating around PA!!

Hi Rachel and the Kemlage family! Thanks for your was nice to hear from you! Also, to Roxanne from Alaska...welcome to will love it! As far as English groups go, there is one here in Cuenca. I know they have their Sunday meeting at 11:00am or 11:30am (or last I heard anyway). I can check on the rest for you if you would like and get the actual direction of the KH. As far as I know, Salinas does not have an english group or congregation, but, I do know of a sister that is from the USA that lives there and could help you find the KH if you would like. I don't have her number, but if you would like I could get if for you! Please keep in touch with us, we would love to meet you while you are here in Cuenca and we can help you out with whatever you need. How long will you be here in Cuenca? Anyway, my email address is

Chao my friends! I hope to blog again in the next year! hahahahaha


Andres R. Diaz said...

hey im a brother aswell, im from riobamba.. im glad you like ecuador! hope jehovah blesses you for all your hard work!

AJ and Jordanne said...

Hi Michelle!
I just heard from the English group here in Cuenca that their English Sunday meetings will now be every week at 11:00 (starting this week).
And as for Salinas, there was an English group there when we visited in November 2008 ~ our friends who are now in Cuenca attended the group when they lived in Salinas for about a year...If you'd like more info, let me know, and I can ask them!

Deb n Doug said...

Whew!! Good to hear from you. Exciting stuff. We'll pray that Jehovah blesses your efforts at finding suitable work!!

Aggidio - JoAnn said...

It must be tough to find time to update the blog with all those Bible studies you have!! Jehovah will take care of Chad and work, and we'll keep praying for you both. We are sad we aren't around to see him though! Have fun with the chicas and say hi to Kami for us!!

mominlebanon said...

All went well meeting Chad at the Newark airport. Only problem was...he didn't bring a coat. Fortunaly he has one or two here at our house, but last night, with the wind chill, it was about 0 degrees here. Poor guy...the walk across the airport parking lot and the first 5 minutes of riding in the freezing car was a jolt to his "Cuencanized" body. (I think I just coined a new word.) We expect up to 12 inches of snow on by then he will be longing to return to Ecuador.

Michele said...

You are alive....I just checked your blog and if there wasn't an update I was calling your parents...Poor Chad coming home to freezing weather but all for a good reason. And I know you are jealous that you are going to miss out on the snow. Miss you guys. I'll be driving thru PA next weekend to go visit Carrie/Shawn in Virginia..I might just think about stopping to say hello, too bad you're not there also.

Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

Hi Michele - funny story - last night at the meeting here in NZ my cousin, Karen, who loves to follow your blog came and told me that Chad was in America! We have been without internet (and still are until Aaron comes to see us next week) so I had no idea! I was a little freaked out until I read your blog for myself and I got a lovely email from Doug explaining the situation. It sure encourages me to keep working to get back with you guys and just to wait on Jehovah - he sees the bigger picture! Missing you heaps and just waiting for the day when we hear your lovely happy laugh! xx